Paolo Spagone 07/03/2024 Italia

Winter is about to end, I hope that the awakening of nature and spring can lead to the blossoming of the flower of peace and harmony, so that the suffering of the poor people tormented by the useless wars unleashed by useless people can be put to an end.

Words from O-Sensei Ueshiba:
“I have spent my life developing aikido, and I still have a long way to go, but I know that it is a Way to promote love and goodness among the human race. Although we should do nothing to tarnish the memory and the great masters of the past, and we should be grateful for their legacy, we must build on their example to create a new Budo that follows the dictates of heaven, is free from shame, and always manifests freshness and vitality. The world will continue to change profoundly , but struggle and war can destroy us completely. What we need are techniques of harmony and not of contrast. We need the Art of Peace and not the Art of War.

An affectionate greeting to everyone


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