I was very young

Time flies and as you get older you fly less and less with your body and more and more with your mind. We get older and we need to be wise, there is no need to compete with the younger ones but we walk together as far as we can knowing that our journey will soon continue without their company here or elsewhere.

I hope to meet you soon on the tatami.
Paolo sensei

Seminari di studio 2024


Winter is about to end, I hope that the awakening of nature and spring can lead to the blossoming of the flower of peace and harmony, so that the suffering of the poor people tormented by the useless wars unleashed by useless people can be put to an end.

Words from O-Sensei Ueshiba:
“I have spent my life developing aikido, and I still have a long way to go, but I know that it is a Way to promote love and goodness among the human race. Although we should do nothing to tarnish the memory and the great masters of the past, and we should be grateful for their legacy, we must build on their example to create a new Budo that follows the dictates of heaven, is free from shame, and always manifests freshness and vitality. The world will continue to change profoundly , but struggle and war can destroy us completely. What we need are techniques of harmony and not of contrast. We need the Art of Peace and not the Art of War.

An affectionate greeting to everyone

International Yoseikan Summer Course



On the 5th, 6th and 7th of July, one of the biggest Budo events in Spain will take place, with the presence of two international masters: Jan Janssens and Edgar Kruyning.

Both are direct students of Grand Master Minoru Mochizuki and disciples of the Yoseikan school.


Seminar Poland

Seminar 20 – 21 April Bytom Poland


Seminar Spain

Aikijujutsu Seminar 8 – 9 – 10 Mars Oviedo


We must go on!

Dear friends,
I would like to send all of you from Italy a message of hope and affection in these days of emergency that seem not to end.

Many people are frightened and losing confidence. We must follow the course of things with courage and patiently rebuild with what we will have. Budo is a lifestyle choice that is practiced in particular in difficult times.

Practice must always be present in our spirit and in our mind because the impediments of the body are always possible.
A hug to all of you and a special thanks to Sensei Jan who I feel close to us with his thoughts.

Sensei Paolo Spagone


Kobukai Indonesia Bali

Hi everyone 


Best warm regards from Bali, Indonesia. I hope I can meet and train with all Sensei. If you all travel to Bali please don’t hesistate to contact me. 




Heriady Yoh 


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